CBC Exim is dealing in Import and distribution of Textile Printing Inks. We are the Authorised Importer and Distributor for ANTEX brand from M/s Anadolukimya, Turkey Kanyshq Specialities India Pvt Ltd-India and Best Chem-Taiwan.

In 2010 there we had an opportunity to import printing inks from Turkey manufacturer M/s. Anadolukimya, so we started a new firm CBC Exim, exclusively for trading of Textile Printing Inks. Later we started working with M/s. Kanyshq Specialities India Pvt Ltd – India and Best Chem – Taiwan.

The products which we supply includes

  • PU Based Non PVC White/Clear
  • SP234 Glitter Paste
  • SP236 Foil Adhesive
  • SP237 Flock Adhesive
  • SP280 Suede Puff
  • Pidilite Binders / Pigment Emulsions / Auxiliaries
  • Anti Migration Pastes – Waterbase / Oil Base
  • Glitter Powders
  • Foil Papers – Dongjin  / ITW
  • Reflective Powders – Grey/Clear
  • Proton Khadi
  • Murakami Screen Coating / Hardener

Our main motive is to provide the customers with quality materials at affordable price and good customer service.